We wanted to share with you some of our favorite go-to bakeware pieces!  We hope these will give you some ideas for your own baking. 
As always, stop in or contact us any time and we will gladly help you select the proper bakeware pieces for your recipes.

Ann - My favorite bakeware piece is the Pewter Stoneware Shallow Baker by Juliska. I use this piece for casseroles, cobblers, whole roasted chicken, and even to serve fresh apples for a healthy afternoon snack. For this occasion I made a Mediterranean starter of colorful tomatoes, Kalamata olives, whole roasted garlic, herbs and feta cheese.  They pop against the dark pewter patina of the baker.

Tricia - My favorite bakeware piece is the Copper Clay Large Loaf Pan from Emerson Creek Pottery.  The pan bakes very evenly and is perfect for fruit breads, pound cakes, and meatloafs.  The warm, rich color of the pottery makes it attractive for serving as well, and it blends beautifully in my kitchen.  This loaf pan is also very easy to clean.  I baked the Autumn Applesauce Bread that is on our Recipes page.

Charlotte - My favorite bakeware piece is the Bistro Small Oval Baker by Casafina. It is the perfect size for a small family, and the attractive shape and design make my table look pretty.  I made a summer favorite of ours -- Eggplant Parmesan -- that we enjoy when the fresh produce is available.  This oven-to-table piece makes baking and serving very easy.

Debbie -My favorite bakeware piece is the square baker from Pillivuyt. This classic white French porcelain bakes beautifully and evenly, and cleans up effortlessly.  I baked our favorite cornbread recipe, and I also use this to make brownies, Irish soda bread, and an array of vegetables including roasted broccoli. This white ware blends very nicely with all my different dinnerware so I also use it for serving

Michele - My favorite bakeware piece is the Eden Square Baker by Pillivuyt.  Here I'm using it to serve my bow tie pasta salad with broccoli florets and sweet red grapes.  A beautiful pasta salad in a beautiful baker! I especially love the handles which add to the charm of this piece.